I was living in a magical little earthy bungalow in Santa Monica, CA during 2012, I was one year from finishing my masters in Art Therapy and Marriage and Family Therapy and I was at a cross roads. Was I to stay in California a place I loved so dearly or should I venture back to my roots and family in Miami? 

I had not been living in Miami for many years so it would take an entire creating of my life. This is where I began searching for images, envisioning my desires, and creating art from it in my special book. The process was uplifting and revelatory for me. I began to manifest and I began to share this magick with students and clients. Everyone loved the process and the synchronicities. The first Vision Book I ever created was hand crafted in Mexico for students on a yoga retreat I was hosting, the second Vision Book™ was an actual self-published book and then now it has evolved to a magazine where we share stories and voices of featured manifestors who are giving us a glimpse of their wisdom to inspire. Not to mention that it is connecting you to a niche community of conscious businesses.

I don't always share all my secrets but this is one that I just can't hold back. I’ve manifested so much through the Vision Book™ and have learned how to articulate the craft of it all. It is so much deeper than just picking pictures that you like and pasting them down.

The Vision Book™ takes the concept of “vision boarding” to another galaxy. Everything that is missing from everywhere is here.

I hope you enjoy it nearly as much as I do. 

I invite you into this magical world of envisioning and manifesting. It is a way to make everything that you desire just a bit more real and a bit more exciting. 

With love,

Gabi T🔮rres